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ScrubBusters Boosts

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:16 am
by dakeshi


Tomb of Sargeras

Antorus, the Burning Throne
See post below.

For all boosting services, we require a 20% deposit up front when you book your run. This is to reserve your spot and insure you show up.

Once a run starts, you are expected to pay the remaining 80% before we start clearing. No exceptions.

If you have any questions contact Dakeshi#2180

Re: ScrubBusters Boosts

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:10 pm
by Luun
Selling Mythic Argus kill + mount for 7mill. No other boosts available. X-realm will be charged the price of 3 tokens extra so we can transfer the gold to our realm.

Add Luun#2576 for info/bookings.